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We provide high quality all wood cabinetry solutions, shipped typically within business 10 days.  As you evaluate cabinetry for your remodel, you'll notice that it comes in three basic types: stock, semi-custom and custom cabinets.


Stock cabinets provide a fast and easy way to give a kitchen a fresh new look. The cabinets are made in common cabinet sizes and are available in a limited variety of door styles, colors and finishes.

Semi-custom cabinets are available in more styles, features and options than stock cabinets, allowing you to create a personalized look for your kitchen, at less expense than custom cabinets.

Semi-custom cabinets can be ordered in a wide choice of finishes, stains, paints, glazes and specialty finishing techniques such as distressing. They are also available with features such as roll out shelves, door racks and organization inserts, and can be embellished with crown molding, cabinet legs and feet, etc.

Custom cabinets offer full scope of design choices and styles.  Typically takes longer for production and higher costs due to custom features offered in this segment.

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